Professionalism, communication, and value.

Professionalism. Communication. Value. These are the bedrocks of our business and the driving forces behind our tenants’ high renewal rate. Each year, a large portion of our renters stay on board with YULiv – formerly known as Farasat Real Estate – to continue enjoying the benefits of a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.


Having rented predominantly to students over the years, we understand that university life isn’t always easy. That is why every possible measure is taken to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of our cozy dwellings year-round.

In the spotlight: Our mobile application allows tenants to file a request for repairs with the tap of a button.


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  • I, undersigned declare that I intend to rent the above-mentioned apartment. Furthermore, I allow the lessor to undertake all necessary reference and background checks deemed necessary for my application.




    Demande de Bail


    Informations sur l’Appartement


    Informations Personnelles


    Appartements Passés


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    Informations Administrative

  • Je, soussigné, déclare que j'ai l'intention de louer l'appartement susmentionné. En outre, j'autorise le bailleur à effectuer toutes les vérifications de références et antécédents jugées nécessaires pour ma demande.



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