What is the garbage and recycling collection schedule?


Do I need to download the YULIV app for a service request or can I just send an email?

Yes you need to download the app for all service requests (except for 5735 St-Hubert).

If I leave during the winter, do I need to leave my heat on?

You need to leave it at a minimum of 15 degrees.

How to transfer or signup for Hydro account (electricity)?


Do I need insurance for the apartment?

Yes we encourage you to get liability insurance as well insurance against theft.

Can I paint my room/apartment?

You will need authorization to paint any part of the apartment.

My entire apartment does not have power?


My entire apartment does not have water

If you havent received a prior notice from the city, you should call our office.

What do I do if there is an emergency during the hours the Yuliv office is closed?

Call the office at 514-284-5314, go to extension 105 and leave a voicemail.If the nature of your call is not a real emergency, it will get treated on the next business day.

Do I need a permit to park on the street?

Yes. You can contact 311 for more information.


    Application to Lease


    Apartment Information


    Personal Information


    Living History


    Professional Information


    Personal References


    Administrative Information

  • I, undersigned declare that I intend to rent the above-mentioned apartment. Furthermore, I allow the lessor to undertake all necessary reference and background checks deemed necessary for my application.




    Demande de Bail


    Informations sur l’Appartement


    Informations Personnelles


    Appartements Passés


    Informations Professionnelle




    Informations Administrative

  • Je, soussigné, déclare que j'ai l'intention de louer l'appartement susmentionné. En outre, j'autorise le bailleur à effectuer toutes les vérifications de références et antécédents jugées nécessaires pour ma demande.



Job Application



Demande d'emploi



Request visit



Request visit