• Secure and heated underground parking. Protected by camera system.
    • Parking attendant available for valet service, during regular business hours.
    • Possibility of overnight parking (arrangements have to be made with the attendant).
    • We cater to Airbnb guests staying in the neighborhood. Possibility of overnight parking, with access at all times with secure access code (contact us by email, at least 48 hours prior your arrival).
    • Maximum car height 5’11”.
    • No refunds.

Email to reach us: [email protected]

Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00


*Saturday Closed
*Sunday Closed
*On weekends the parking is only accessible to monthly pass holders or guests who have made prior arrangements with Yuliv Parking
Accepted method of payment: Visa, Mastercard and cash



0-2 hours


2-12 hours





$240+ taxes


    Application to Lease


    Apartment Information


    Personal Information


    Living History


    Professional Information


    Personal References


    Administrative Information

  • I, undersigned declare that I intend to rent the above-mentioned apartment. Furthermore, I allow the lessor to undertake all necessary reference and background checks deemed necessary for my application.




    Demande de Bail


    Informations sur l’Appartement


    Informations Personnelles


    Appartements Passés


    Informations Professionnelle




    Informations Administrative

  • Je, soussigné, déclare que j'ai l'intention de louer l'appartement susmentionné. En outre, j'autorise le bailleur à effectuer toutes les vérifications de références et antécédents jugées nécessaires pour ma demande.



Job Application



Demande d'emploi



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Request visit