Registration Process


There are 2 ways to register on the Yuliv mobile & desktop application:

  • Get invited by a member of the Yuliv team
  • Tenant requests to join

To request to join, go to this link, and select ‘Create Account’. Your registration process will be complete once a member of the Yuliv team approves you, and you receive an email notification.

The mobile version is compatible on most Android and iOS devices, and it makes attaching pictures and videos (max 10 secs) to Work Orders very easy.

It is recommended for all tenants to register on the Yuliv app, upon signing your lease.

Creating Work Orders


Use the ‘Work Order’ module of our app to report any issues with your dwelling (How to create Work Orders).

In order to expedite and facilitate the repair process, please follow these key guidelines:

  • Report one issue per Work Order (If many issues are reported in a single request, we will address the 1st issue and close the ticket).
  • Take descriptive pictures. Put a picture of the problem in general and then a close-up. Essentially: take a picture from far away so we can see the context of the problem and correctly locate it in the room and then take a close-up picture of the problem.  For appliances take a picture of the entire appliance, take a picture of model/company and take a picture of the problem. More pictures are better than fewer pictures.
  • Be descriptive in the description box. Identify specifically where and what the problem is.  Vague requests cause confusion as to what and where the actual problem is.  At the minimum formulate: Where the problem is and what is affected.
    • Example of a vague request description: the door handle is broken. A correct description: The door handle of the second bedroom on the right as you enter is broken –  the handle is loose and doesn’t latch.
    • Another example of a vague request: the stove doesn’t work.  A correct request: The back-right burner of the stove is not turning on.
  • Please be advised that not all Work Orders are free of charge.  As an example: requests for changing of  burnt light bulbs, or the repair of a  blocked toilet caused by the tenant, etc.,   have an associated fee attached to them. Please check your lease documents for a list of these fees.
  • Non-emergency work is carried out during weekdays between 8 AM and 4PM.   Please be advised that the work request may be delayed significantly if you request to be present or have an exact time when the work will be carried out. We usually try to maximize the efficiency of the workers’ schedule, by fitting in smaller jobs in between larger ones. For this reason, it is very difficult to give you an exact time when the work will be carried out.


*Work Orders sent to Yuliv via email / text message / phone may be ignored

Emergency Work Orders


For all emergency Work Orders, make sure to set the priority of the ticket to “High”.

Outside of regular business hours, the Yuliv team prioritizes the “High” priority tickets only.

Example of issues that meet the “high priority” classification:

  • Burst pipe, water flooding the apartment
  • Heaters don’t work
  • The front door lock is defective (lost keys does not apply)


    Application to Lease


    Apartment Information


    Personal Information


    Living History


    Professional Information


    Personal References


    Administrative Information

  • I, undersigned declare that I intend to rent the above-mentioned apartment. Furthermore, I allow the lessor to undertake all necessary reference and background checks deemed necessary for my application.




    Demande de Bail


    Informations sur l’Appartement


    Informations Personnelles


    Appartements Passés


    Informations Professionnelle




    Informations Administrative

  • Je, soussigné, déclare que j'ai l'intention de louer l'appartement susmentionné. En outre, j'autorise le bailleur à effectuer toutes les vérifications de références et antécédents jugées nécessaires pour ma demande.



Job Application



Demande d'emploi



Request visit



Request visit